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Learn more about our members below. Special thanks to Jennifer Blakeley Photography! Jennifer spent a day with the members taking pictures and also put together a really cool video!

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Bill Burgoyne Arena
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L2N 6C1


His favourite colour is red. His favourite movie is Godzilla King of the Monsters. At first he didn’t think he’d like speed skating but he went on the ice and went fast, then he loved it. Speed skating ignites a fire in him, and he loves speed skating against others.


She is obsessed with potatoes. Her nickname is TaterTot. Anna also does Acro, running and Track. She loves speed skating because it’s a fun activity where everyone can do their best and you don’t have to be perfect at it.


He is 6 years old. Bennett’s favourite colour is blue. Bennett raced this year and won many ribbons and prizes. Bennett loves speed skating because he likes to go FAST.


He is the longest standing member of our club. He has been a member since the inception of the club in 2003. Charles has 3 sons who all did or still do speed skating. Charles loves speed skating because he loves the exercise. He says the best part of speed skating is staying up and not falling.


She loves to read and do crafts. Claire has been skating with the club for a couple of years. She loves speed skating because she likes the wind going past her while she’s speeding down the straightaways.


She loves to eat. Her mom says that’s true. Tacos are her favourite food. Clara races in the Ontario series circuit. Clara loves speed skating because she likes to go fast and have the wind in her face.


She’s a Pokemon expert. Ella does two different skating sports, she does speed skating and hockey. Ella loves being on the ice and speed skating gives her another opportunity to skate. Ella loves speed skating because she likes being a FAST girl on the ice and going FASTER than the boys.


His favourite stuffies are Mr. Sheep and Mr. Football. Elliott loves it when his dad speed skates with him too. Elliott races in the Ontario series racing circuit. He loves speed skating because he gets to go FAST.


His favourite colour is black. If he had a super power he would want to be invisible. Next year his sister is going to speed skate too. Ewan started racing this year. He loves speed skating because he has lots of fun on the ice.


She is a crazy cat lady. Faeryn has been a member of the club for many years. She loves speed skating because it’s very freeing. She says speed skating gives a sense of freedom that you don’t experience with anything else.


Her favourite colour is red. She loves Indian food. Holly has kayaked down the Ottawa river twice and finds speed skating way less scary. Holly has skated with the club for many years. She loves being on the ice with her son. Holly loves speed skating because she loves going fast on skates and hanging out with her friends at the Niagara Speed Skating Club.


His favourite series is The Flash. He wants to have super speed as a super power. Jackson was the first speed skater of his family. Now he has 4 other family members skating with him. He loves speed skating because everyone is really nice to him.


She is the proud grandma of 4 beautiful children. Janey was a pro baseball player. Janey’s daughter and 3 of her grandchildren speed skate. Next year her youngest grandchild will be speed skating too. She loves speed skating because she loves being with her daughter and grandchildren on the ice.


His favourite food is his mom’s homemade mac & cheese. Joe always has a smile on his face. He has lots of friends on the ice. He loves speed skating because he’s good at it.


He first learned to skate on wooden skates in The Netherlands when he was 6 years old. John upgraded to speed skates when he was a teenager and is still skating in his sixties and plans on continuing with skating for a long time. John has been with the Club since the inception in 2003. John loves the feeling of gliding on the ice and it is a great way to cross train for the cycling he does in the summer.


He likes to ride his ATV. Jordan has skated with the Club for a few years. He races in the Ontario regional series racing. Jordan loves speed skating because he loves to go FAST.


His favourite subject in school is gym. He likes sport cars. Levi races in the Elite racing series. Levi and his mom both speed skate. Levi loves speed skating because he likes going FAST. He loves the sense of community we have with our club.


His favourite colour is rainbow. His favourite series is Batman. His brothers, mom and grandmother all skate too. He loves speed skating because he likes being on the ice with his mom. Next year he plans to race.


He’s our coach. His favourite movie is “The Gentleman”. He likes to see the skaters skate FAST. Matt loves the efficiency of speed skating. He loves speed skating because of how it feels, the gliding and the feeling of being free.


His favourite person is his mom. Max has started skating with the Niagara Club at the age of 9. Max currently skates long track at the Calgary Olympic Oval. He also attends the University of Calgary. Max loves speed skating because of the controlled freedom he has on the ice.


He has two beautiful grandchildren that he adores with all his heart. Mike started speed skating this year, he also started racing this year. Mike loves speed skating for the health aspect, it’s great for staying in shape.


Her favourite food is mac & cheese and her birthday is in July. Molly started speed skating this year. She has a beautiful smile and brings joy onto the ice. Molly loves speed skating because she loves to go FAST.


His favourite movie is “The Three Stooges”. Nico has been a long-time member of the Club. When he skates, he skates FAST. Nico’s mom speed skates with the Club too. Nico loves speed skating because it is fun and healthy for him.


He loves to watch movies. His nickname is Super Nova. He’s been speed skating since he was 5 years old. He loves speed skating because he loves to skate with his friends.


She can skate on all the different skates: speed skates, hockey skates and figure skates. Patricia’s goal is to hold the record of having the most family members racing at a meet. She loves speed skating because she gets to hang out with her boys all at the same time and do the same sport as them. It’s cool that her mom is there too.


Her favourite colour is turquoise. This is her first year speed skating. Her sister is a speed skater too, and Shaadee loves being on the ice with her sister. She loves speed skating because she can go very fast.


Her favourite show is Stranger Things. Skakeela has skated with the club for a few years. This year her sister started skating too. Shakeela loves speed skating because it’s unique. She loves going fast but doesn’t like falling.


Her favourite shows are Friends and The Big Bang Theory. Tess has been a Special Olympic athlete for the past 18 years and competed in 2 World Games events. Tess volunteers her time in a Kindergarten adaptability program, and she is an Usher for the OHL Niagara Ice Dogs and First Ontario Performing Arts Centre. Tess loves being a member of the Club, she knows she has things to learn but enjoys every bit.

“Coaching and mentoring to all ages of speed skaters
whether their focus is of a recreational or competitive nature”
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