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We have a huge selection of speed skates for rent to Club Members. Check in with one of our Equipment Managers for your size. Also, please advice one of the Coaches if you experience discomfort with your rental skates. We want to ensure everyone is having fun and sore feet may prevent that from happening. We will be happy refit you with another pair if possible.

The Club has a small supply of equipment for Members to purchase to meet immediate needs however, please contact our Stores Manager to ensure we have what you are looking for. See below for some other possible sources where you can purchase speed skating specific equipment.

Speed skating specific equipment includes:

  • Speed skating helmets required for competition.
  • Ankle protection socks
  • Speed skates
  • Skin suits (See comments below)

Less specific equipment can be purchased at most sports store. In general, the following items can be purchased at sport stores or check in with the Club Store.

  • Knee pads
  • Elbow pads (Recommended for newer skaters)
  • Hockey bib style neck guards
  • Shin guards
  • Non-speed skating helmets
  • Protective lens

Protective lens with the securing lanyard strap can be found at safety supply stores (safety glasses) or check in with the Club Store.
Note: If you wear glasses for corrective vision, these are allowable providing they are made from shatter proof plastics and NOT from glass. Glass lens are not acceptable for speed skating activities. Also, CLEAR LENS ONLY! Tinted lens are not acceptable for competition.

Skin Suits
Skin suits are popular among speed skaters as they provide various levels of protective padding and coverage and reduce the problems with loose clothing. They are an optional piece of equipment and some skaters prefer more transition recreational clothing to keep warm during practices.

Speed Skating Clubs general have a specific design of suit to help identify their skaters at competitions. Suits can be ordered according to standard sizes as provided by the manufacture and the Club often has some in the Club Store. Orders for skin suits are arranged by the Club and are placed periodically during the year depending upon quantities and discounts.

There are two general types of suits. The most common being the 'shell' style when has some basic protective padding. High performance Skaters and Elite level competitive Skaters require a 'Full Coverage Cut-Proof' suit that differs in fit and cost from the shell style suit.

Feel free to inquire with the Equipment Manager as to the best choice of suit for you when orders are placed. Members are usually notified by email when orders are planned.

The following are some sources for speed skating equipment and you can obtain
all your speed skating equipment needs directly from these suppliers.

Speed skating requires some specialized equipment. However, you can get started with some good basic safety gear used in other sports for Club practices until such time as you are a competitive skater where the safety requirements are more stringent.

Regulation Speed Skating Helmet
Regulation speed skating helmet
for competition and practices
Hockey Helmet
Hockey helmets are acceptable
for speed skating practices
Ski Helmet
Ski helmets are acceptable
for speed skating practices
Snow Board Helmet
Snow board helmets are acceptable
for speed skating practices
Bike Helmet
Bike helmets are NOT acceptable
for speed skating practices

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