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Short Track Competitions are held on indoor ice pads - either Olympic or NHL sized ice. The skaters race on either a 111-metre track or a 100-metre track. The skaters compete closely in groups of 3 to 8 skaters and results are primarily based on the skater’s placement in each race. Times are also recorded and may also count for placement or advancement to the next round of racing.

Competition formats and race structures are governed by Speed Skating Ontario, our Provincial regulatory body. Additional information on competitions, rules, and regulations can be found at Speed Skated Ontario

The following racing circuits will make up the 2023-2024 SSO competition season: Competition dates and locations can be found on the Speed Skate Ontario website at

Ontario Regional Racing Program

  • Racing in 3 regions (+ flex region) across the province for skaters aged 4-9 and new racers of any age.
  • Skaters experience local racing with skaters from nearby Clubs.
  • 2-4 hour meets on evenings and weekends.
  • Simple structured meets run by Clubs using the Ontario Regional Racing Program guidelines.
  • Introduction to competition formats and racing skills with the focus on fun.
  • Times are recorded for development purposes only, not formal ranking.

Ontario Provincial Circuit Meets

  • Racing in 2 zones across the province for: skaters aged 10-12, Special Olympic skaters, and skaters aged 13+ who do not meet the Ontario Elite Circuit time standard or who choose not to race in the Elite Circuit.
  • Development of speed and racing skills.
  • Introduction to all-points racing where skaters advance through rounds of heats and finals.
  • Introduction to relay racing for skaters aged 10-13.
  • Skaters aged 10-13 race together on the 100m track.

Ontario Elite Circuit Meets

  • Province-wide racing for skaters aged 13-29 who meet a time standard.
  • Refinement of racing skills and decision making at high speeds.
  • Development of relay racing skills.
  • 13 year old skaters will be offered 100m track racing intermittently to prepare for Canadian Youth Short Track Championships.

Ontario Masters Meets

  • Province-wide racing for skaters aged 30+ and senior skaters aged 19-29 who opt to race with Masters.
  • These meets will be run in conjunction with Provincial or Elite Circuit meets on the 111m track.



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